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How To Reverse Tooth Decaying Process Naturally

Our mouths contain different types of bacteria. They live in our gums, teeth, tongue and other places inside the mouth. Some of these bacteria are very helpful while some can be very harmful like those causing tooth decay or cavities. Factors such as too much-processed sugar and acid- rich food consumption and deficiency of some soluble vitamins are some of the major contributors of food decay.

Cavities have affected many people worldwide, and a lot of people have this misconception that once a tooth is decayed, it is set for filling or permanent removal and therefore cannot be reversed. However, there are ways one can adopt as early as possible to reverse tooth decaying process naturally.

Stopping Tooth Decay From Worsening

Below are tips on how to reverse tooth decaying process naturally:

Get Rid Of Processed Sugar

No to Processed SugarAnyone who desires strong, healthy cavity free teeth should remove processed sugars completely in the diet. Sugar usually feed the bacteria found in your mouth hindering a proper healthy dental fluids flow. Apart from that, it produces a lot of acids which removes all the calcium and other minerals making up the teeth content structure leading to the dental cavity. Completely get rid of sugar baked foods, candy, sodas or any other processed sugar good and instead consume maple syrups, raw honey, natural juices which are full of minerals that can help your teeth.

Increased Intake Of Foods Rich In Nutrients And Raw Dairy Products

Fresh dairy products are very rich in vitamin K2, D3, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium as well as fat soluble vitamins. All this minerals and vitamins are essential to a healthy flow of dental fluids in the mouth promoting strong teeth and an excellent way to have cavity free teeth. The increase in the consumption of diet foods such as eggs, milk, butter, cod liver oil, bone broths, vegetables among others will help to reverse tooth decay and halt cavities progress in the long run.

Significantly Reduce Phytates (Phytic Acid) In Your Diet

Phytic acid is bound tightly in foods rich in Phytates which includes grains, nuts, beans and seeds and they are commonly referred as anti-nutrients because of their ability to block and bind essential absorption of minerals such as Zinc, calcium, and magnesium. This, in turn, results in the deficiency of these nutrients which results in tooth decay and digestive problems. If your goal is to reverse cavities naturally and improve your health, you should avoid foods that are high in Phytic acids and rather use other technics like soaking the grains, nuts and sprout them. This way you will reduce Phytic acid with 50-100% leading to healthy teeth.

Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea Against CavityOne best thing about green tea is that it requires no added sugars or flavouring and it’s a perfect caffeine alternative, unlike coffee which an environment that harbours oral bacteria that are infectious. Green tea contains healthy antioxidants called catechins and also provides an excellent anti-inflammatory response in removing harmful mouth bacteria and improving your oral health.

Come Up With A New Regimen Of Oral Care Such As Oil Pulling

This is an effective traditional therapy that was used to rinse the mouth. It involves swishing oil such as sunflower or sesame in the mouth to prevent the build-up of plaque. But the standard oil used today is coconut oil composing of fatty acids that are of medium chain and has anti-inflammatory and microbial fighting benefits. Oil pulling is excellent in reducing gingivitis and plaque in just one month, hence worth trying to improve your oral health.



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