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The Power of Smile: Positive Effect on Other People

A smile is infectious. That’s why if a person smiles at you, you will automatically smile back at them. A smile brings you joy, and that’s why whenever you smile, you feel good. You even get relieved from stress and depression for a while. Smiling is also good for your health. Medical experts believe that smiling can boost your immune system.

What most of us don’t know is the effect that smiling has on the people around them. Whether it is your immediate family, workmates, or strangers on the street, a smile can have many positive effects on them. We talked to a psychologist from Livewell rehab on this topic, and here the positive effects of smiling he told us:

You make others Happier

Have you ever been smiled at by a person when having a bad day? Well, we all know how that ends. You end up feeling better, happier, and for a moment, you forget your problems. That’s the same thing that you make other people feel while smile at them.

Whenever you make eye contact with someone and smile, you automatically make them feel happier. No matter the condition that they were in, they will feel their happiness boosted. And it does not end there. They will continue to spread this happiness with the people they will meet, and that’s what makes a happy society.

They get Healthier

You may not have known, but your smile can indeed make other people healthier. Studies have shown that smiling stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which is also referred to as the happy hormone. That’s because it is the hormone that makes us feel happier and calmer. So, when you smile at someone, their body will immediately produce endorphins hence making them feel happy.

There are many ways that smiling can make people healthier, but the most known way is the healing of psychological conditions. If someone has stress or depression, they will instantly feel better when they smile. So, a smile can help someone reduce symptoms of stress and depression.

Makes Them Look Younger

One of the widely studied effects of a smile is the effect on age and aging. Many studies have shown that people who smile have bigger chances of remaining younger than those who keep a frown face. Studies show that people with happy smiles on their faces look younger than their age. But people with frown look old than their actual age.

Since a smile is infectious, when you smile at someone, you will automatically make them smile. Depending on their life situations, they might keep the smile for a longer time. That means their body will produce more endorphins in the blood hence making them look younger.

cheerful and energetic team full of smile

Change Perception About You

Imagine relocating to a new neighbourhood where no one knows or starting the job at a new company for the first day, and no one knows you. One of the best ways to tell them who you are and change or shape their perception about you is wearing a smile. By just flashing a beautiful smile, you will give them an impression of a happy, understand, and kind-hearted person.

So, if employees don’t anything about their new boss at work, then you just need to flash a smile to your juniors, and they will change the perception about you. Similarly, to the people around including your neighbours, you can change their perception of you by simply smiling. A smile will create a positive perception of you.

People Trust You Better

Trust is essential in life. It is only through trust that you can get a good job, make good and real friends, and so on. However, the impression that you make with your look can go a long way in determining the trust level that people have on you. Flashing a smile makes people create a positive perception of you. This means that their confidence levels in you will rise quickly.

With a positive perception of you, it will be very easy for people to trust you in many ways. If you are the boss at work, employees will feel that they can trust you with everything, including personal issues that could affect their job performance. In the case of the family set up, you will have everyone feeling comfortable sharing everything with you. That’s because a smile makes you look friendly and likable to most people.

Boost their Immunity

Studies have shown that a smile can help boost immunity. With a smile, your immune system is stimulated to function more effectively. It is believed that smiling helps the body to produce endorphins, which is the hormone that makes you feel relaxed and happy. It is at this moment that the body’s immune system works efficiently hence making the person healthier.

So, when you infect someone with a smile, they have the same effect going on in their body. If the person can maintain the smile for a longer time, then they make their immune system stronger. This means that the body will be able to handle most of the health issues effectively.

Improves their Lifespan

old people smiling and cheerfulAnother positive effect that you can have on other people by just smiling is increasing their lifespan. Various studies have shown that people who smile a lot have a longer lifespan compared to people who don’t smile. A smile helps to get rid of stress and depression. It also helps to improve the immune system. Therefore, by just smiling, the person can improve their overall health hence a longer lifespan.

Therefore, when you make people around you smile, you will be helping them improve their lifespan. You will help them get rid of stress and depression, which are the major cause of poor health in most people. So, keep smiling and help people live longer.

In conclusion, a smile good for you and everyone around you. It will not only make your life better but will also have a positive effect on the people around you. By just flushing a smile, you will make people create a positive perception of you. You will also appear friendly and likable. So, don’t waste a chance to smile at people because it might change their life.

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