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No Sugar Doesn’t Always Mean Healthier

The craze about food labelled “No Sugar Food” or “sugar-free” has got people assuming it’s a healthier way of eating, but this may not be the case. Numerous myths are surrounding this topic with some not being true. 

The Truth Behind the No Sugar Diet

No Sugar DietDo you know that the idea that No Sugar Diet is the healthiest does not really hold? Here are some of the facts that prove this as just but a mere marketing stunt.

Sugar is not particularly responsible for your weight gain 

One of the main reasons why people are doing away with sugary food is to avoid unhealthy weight gain or obesity. But this could be a misleading statement. The fact is eating more calories than you can burn is the real cause of weight gain. So if you want to maintain a perfect weight or slim, then you only need to control the amount of calories you eat with respect to the calories that you can burn not doing away with sugar. It’s that simple.

Sugar Is Not Toxic

This is another lie that has been peddled for a very long term. Dental professionals in Perth believe that sugar is not toxic, but this does not mean that you over-eat it. Just like everything though, too much of something is dangerous and cause severe side effect to your overall health. So don’t avoid sugar in your diet so that you can be healthy but keep its dose balanced.

Sugar Is Not Addictive On Its Own

Let no one lie to you that you can get hooked on sugar or it’s some sort of a drug; this is just a fat lie. The problem is usually its combination with other components such as salt and fat that makes it be. That’s the reason people get addicted to snacks but not the sugar on its own. So getting out of your diet doesn’t mean that you’re eating healthier.

Replacing white sugar with honey or natural offers no benefits

Using Honey for SugarAnother fact that you must get right is that sugar is sugar. There is nothing like natural (honey or brown sugar) as some people may have made you believe. So if you are spending too much on the “natural sugar” then it’s a waste since there are no health benefits in it.

Your Body Needs Sugar

We here at Oral Health Plan practitioners believe that no matter all the theories that you may have had about how bad sugar is, the bottom line is that your body needs sugar to function properly. Sugar is the primary source of energy for the body and thus cutting it out can cause more harm than good.


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