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Why Oral health is Essential to the Overall Body Health

Proper oral health is more than fresh breath and clean teeth. It has a great influence on the overall functioning of the body. In fact, studies have shown a link between oral health with the general health. If you have a problem with the mouth, there is a possibility of the other parts of the body being affected. Below are five important reasons why oral health is essential to the overall body health.

The Importance of Healthy Teeth and Mouth

A Healthy Gum Equals a Healthier Heart

Healthy Gums and TeethOral inflammatory conditions are linked with increased risk of heart diseases. Inflammation is considered to be one of the major factors that cause cardiovascular disease and people suffering from periodontal disease increase their chance twice to having a fatal heart attack compared to people without. Diseases associated with gum are due to extended exposure to bacteria which in turn results in increased levels of body inflammation. If the condition isn’t addressed, it can lead to heart diseases in the long run.

Your dentist should have your family history while examining your oral health. This will help to determine the best way to deal with the condition.

Reduce Diabetes

Studies have also shown that severe gum conditions can result in diabetes. For instance, periodontal disease is mainly an infection where toxins are produced by bacteria which then influence the metabolism of carbohydrates in the individual cells. Also, the body’s response to gum bacteria can cause insulin resistance hence an increase in blood glucose level. It is therefore important to have your dental health checked to reduce diabetes.

A Healthy Gum Means a Healthier Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, regular check-ups and examinations with your dentist should be a priority.  Studies have shown that poor oral health in pregnant women can increase the risk of delivering underweight, pre-term babies compared to women practising proper oral health. Note that babies that are born before time (pre-term) or underweight have an increased complication risk of asthma, developmental problems, ear infections, behaviour problems, birth abnormalities and can have a higher risk of death. Therefore, pregnant women should consider oral health as important part of their check not just for them but also for the unborn baby.

Good Oral Health Can Help In Weight Loss

Brush Teeth After MealsBrushing teeth means that meal time is over hence food portion control. This helps to trick your appetite that you are full. Even though brushing freshens and cleans your teeth, food doesn’t taste that good after brushing especially if your toothpaste is minty. This means that you will not be adding more weight due to over eating.

Regular Oral Cancer Symptoms Check-ups

Dentists not only conduct a routine check-up but also check the soft tissue to make sure they are healthy. They will do cancer screening especially if a precancerous lesion begins to form as a little dark red or white patch in the mouth with no possible symptoms. Also vital to note is that only a half of patients diagnosed with oral cancer live more than five years hence the reason to have early signs detected.



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