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Health Problems Related To Poor Dental Health

Dental hygiene is extremely vital when it comes to your overall health, and that’s why to should be maintained in the best state. Improper brushing of teeth will always lead to the growth of bacteria. Most people think that you only clean your teeth and mouth to refresh your breath which might not be true. But poor dental health goes beyond the mouth. Here are some of the main medical conditions that are related to poor dental health.

Poor Oral Health Goes Beyond the Mouth

    Heart Diseases

Man with Heart DiseaseMost people with periodontal diseases are vulnerable to heart disease or stroke risk. When the bacteria that cause periodontal disease gets into the bloodstream, it causes narrowing of the arteries. These are the one that carries blood out of the heart. Once they are narrowed it, the heart beat increases in order to sustain the required blood by the body. This can lead to heart attack if the problem is not solved immediately. Bacteria can also cause clogging of blood in the arteries known as Carotid. They are responsible for delivering the blood to the brain and head. Insufficient flow of blood into the head leads to stroke.

    Respiratory Problems

Periodontal is a bacterial dental disease that goes beyond the mouth. Once the bacteria causing infection enters the bloodstream and flows to the lungs, it’s likely to cause respiratory problems. For the patients with respiratory conditions, the bacteria will worsen the condition. According to various studies, people with periodontitis are at a risk of suffering from pneumonia and acute bronchitis. Seek the help of a dentist if he/she is suffering from gum diseases so as to prevent the rise of other diseases.

    Increased Risk Of Dementia

Studies have shown that various dental conditions can cause memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease to both children and grownups. It’s proven that most of the substances released when the gum is infected increase brain inflammation. This can easily lead to the death of the brain cell thereby causing dementia.

    Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction ProblemSexual feeling is a condition that is triggered by the brain. As mentioned earlier, if you have a gum disease there are high chances of your brain getting affected. This in return will greatly affect your sexual life, and in severe cases, it can cause erectile dysfunction. Periodontal bacteria can also travel through the blood stream causing inflammation. This will lead to a low flow of blood to the genitals there causing erectile dysfunction.


Diabetes is a medical condition that is related to blood sugar in the body. It has been found that most people suffering dental diseases are likely to suffer from diabetes. Gum disease affects the blood directly, and hence it becomes difficult for the body to control blood sugar thereby leading to diabetes.



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