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Best Food For Health Teeth

Be extra careful with what you eat as it will have a direct impact on your dental health. You may do all the brushing and flossing, but without a proper diet, you are still prone dental diseases.  You have to be selective with what you eat if you care for your teeth and overall dental health. It’s also important to note that dental health impacts on your general health and thus should be taken seriously. First, you should cut on sugary and acidic foods such candy, sodas, and biscuits amongst others.  There are the best types of food that you should have in your diet for a better dental health. These are some of the best foods for healthy teeth.

Proper Diet for Healthy Teeth


CheesesIf you are among the cheese lovers, then you have another reason to smile. According to various studies, cheese raises the amount of pH in the saliva. This neutralises any acidic liquid that could be in your mouth thereby reducing the rate of tooth decay. Cheeses were also confirmed to have a lot of calcium and protein which are key nutrients that are responsible for strengthening the enamel. They also make your mouth to have plenty of saliva.


Yoghurt is very rich in calcium and protein. These are essential nutrients for strong and healthy teeth. They are useful in strengthening the enamel part of the teeth. Most of the teeth that are prone to decay have a week enamel and hence easily affected by the harmful bacteria. Yoghurt contains some beneficial bacteria or probiotics that have health benefits to your gum. These bacteria also have the strength to remove the bacteria that causes a cavity in your teeth. However, you should select plain yoghurt with no sugar additives as it will have an adverse impact on your teeth.

    Leafy Greens

For you to have a good balance diet, you must have leafy green in it. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals while on the other hand are very low in calories. Leafy greens include kales, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, dandelion greens, turnip greens, chard and collards among others. Kales and spinach are known to contain a high percentage of calcium which is very vital in strengthening the enamel of the teeth. They also contain folic acid which is known to treat gum diseases in pregnant women. Always ensure you incorporate green leafy in your diet to ensure you boost your oral health and the whole body at large.


Red ApplesApple is sweet fruit, but it has an exception purpose when it comes to oral health. This fruit has a high fibre content in it. This fibrous texture stimulates the gum and also functions as a brush. Taking an apple after the meal helps in scrubbing the food particles between teeth. Apples stimulate the salivary glands leading to a lot of saliva in your mouth. This will help in rinsing away bacteria and food particles in the teeth.


Carrots are almost like the apples. They are rich in fibre thereby causing some brushing when you are eating them. They have a lot of vitamin A which is essential for healthy growth of the teeth. Carrots also increase the production of saliva thereby reducing the risk or having cavities in your teeth.



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