Dental Implants - Before and After

Benefits Of Dental Implant

Losing teeth is the last thing that anyone would wish to experience. A tooth is an important aspect of your beauty and mostly your appearance and losing it would have an enormous impact on your life. Would you feel comfortable to smile with visible gaps in your mouth? The answer is NO. But losing teeth is never a choice that makes- it just happens. But there is a solution to this problem. If you’ve missing teeth, a dental implant is what you need for replacement. These are metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone. They allow for the mounting of an artificial tooth to replace the lost one. Apart from restoring your smile, there are many other benefits of dental implants.

Why Having a Dental Implant is Important

Here are reasons why it’s important to have dental implant:

Improved Appearance

Your teeth play a huge role in your appearance. Do you know that the confidence to smile comes from your dental health? Well, several studies have proved this fact. It’s very rare to find someone with gaps in their dental formula smiling openly. Gaps in the mouth can destroy your self-esteem. With dental implants, you will restore your smile and enjoy the confidence of having an attractive smile. It will enhance your appearance significantly.

Dental Implants Before and After

Prevent Bone Loss

One of the biggest problems with losing teeth is the possibility of attracting other health complications. The most common health issue is the loss of the jawbone. It has been proven scientifically that people who have lost their teeth at an early age are at risk of losing their jawbone. This can result in other problems such as deformed jaws amongst other conditions. With dental implants, it will not only prevent bone loss but will also stimulate bone growth.

Easier Eating

Any food that requires being chewed before swallowing will always be a problem to people with lost teeth. Your teeth will always play a huge role in grinding food that requires being broken down before swallowing. With your teeth gone, particularly the molars, it will take you more time to finish that food. This is a problem that will be addressed by having a dental implant to replace the lost teeth. They function just like the natural teeth, and they will help to restore your chewing ability. You’ll be able to enjoy any food with the help if the dental implants.

Prevent Shifting of Teeth

Dental Implants Prevent Shifting TeethShifting of teeth is one of the main problems that people who have lost their teeth are like to experience. When there is a gap left in your dental formula, the remaining teeth are likely to shift towards that space. This may cause a potential collapse of your bite support. With the dental implant, you will be safe from teeth shifting. The implant will work as the natural tooth to prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting.

Prevent Facial Sagging

Facial sagging is evident to anyone missing teeth. It is important to note that the teeth support facial skin. In the case that the teeth are lost, the skin won’t have that support and will start to sag. This will make you appear older than your real age. With the dental implant, you will be able to maintain your natural shape and mostly maintain a youthful face. In fact, you will look and feel much younger with dental implants.

Improved Speech

Some of the words require teeth to be pronounced properly and correctly. This is why losing your teeth will affect the way you speak. Among the most important teeth for speech are the front ones. It will be impossible to say some words, and this means that you can’t deliver a full speech and that’s why you need to have them replaced soonest possible, particularly if you deliver speeches a lot. That’s why you need a dental implant to enhance your speech.



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